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Wedding Officiant vs Wedding Celebrant. What’s the difference?

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So you want to get married but you may not want to do the traditional way and get married in a church.  That’s fine.  A courthouse may not appeal to you either.  So what are you left with?

Wedding Officiant or Wedding Celebrant?

A wedding officiant is someone who has the authorization to marry you.  This could be a person who is ordained to be a minister.  In some states, a notary public can marry you.

A wedding celebrant is someone who does not have the authorization to marry you.  The role of a Wedding Celebrant is more of a symbolic one.  It can be used in the following ways:


  • Wedding renewals
  • Sequel weddings (when a couple is already married and wants to get married in another location)

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that the person who is officially marrying you has the authorization to do so.